Packwoods | Georgia Pie

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Premium quality

Total weight

2.25 g

Nurgun sauce

0.25 g


0.25 g

Savor the Sweetness of the South with Packwoods | Georgia Pie 🍑✨

Step into a world where every puff is a journey to the heart of southern charm and decadence with Packwoods | Georgia Pie, your golden ticket to a blissful escape into flavors and euphoria that linger like a warm summer’s eve.

What’s Baking in Your Oven? Unpack the essence of the South with this delectable concoction, featuring 2g of the finest cannabis paired with 0.25g of exquisite nugrun sauce. This perfect blend is your recipe for unwinding in style, offering a smooth, full-bodied experience that’s both deeply satisfying and delightfully relaxing.

Taste the Sweet Life: Each inhale of Georgia Pie is a slice of heaven, blending the rich, earthy undertones of premium cannabis with the sweet, nuanced explosion of the nugrun sauce. It’s a flavor profile that sings with the complexity and comfort of a homemade pie, fresh from the oven. Prepare for a sensory journey that’s as comforting as it is exhilarating.

Why Choose Packwoods? In the quest for unmatched quality and a truly memorable cannabis experience, Packwoods stands out as your guide to the extraordinary. We’re dedicated to bringing you not just a product, but a portal to new heights of enjoyment and relaxation, crafted with care, precision, and a deep respect for tradition.

Effortless Indulgence: Designed for those with a taste for the finer things, our Georgia Pie is pre-rolled for your convenience and ready to light up your world without delay. Immerse yourself in your pursuits, whether they’re moments of introspection or shared joy, and let us handle the details. With elegant, discreet packaging, your next adventure is always within reach, no matter where you find yourself.

Join the Packwoods Family: Embracing Packwoods | Georgia Pie means more than just choosing a premium cannabis experience; it’s about becoming part of a community that appreciates the artistry of cannabis and cherishes the joy it brings into our lives. So, why linger on the porch? Come on in, and let’s savor the sweetness of life together.


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